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Take Precautions During Sexual Intercourse

There are many different methods available today for the smart, sexually active individual. Below we’ve mentioned a few of our favorites:

Consider using birth control techniques

On the market today, there are several birth control options to choose from. They include daily pills, vaginal rings, injections, and intrauterine devices. All these are for the purpose of avoiding pregnancy. Make sure the birth control you use does not have side effects on you. If there are any doubts, consult your health care provider for advice.

Peeing after sex

Peeing when you have finished making love is said by researchers to be very important. The reason behind peeing is to prevent one from having UTI (urinary tract infection).

Always use latex condoms

For oral sex, anal, and vaginal sex, a male condom can be used easily because it offers efficient results and it is not expensive. When using condoms, one is 99% assured of minimizing the risk of contracting STIs and the possibility of getting pregnant.
For those allergic to latex condoms, they should consider polyurethane condoms as an alternative.

Ensure that the condom is well placed on a fully erected penis and no air is trapped. Also, you should check if the condom is expired. One you have used a condom discard it and open another one.

Some advice: never try double bagging, whereby you put on two condoms at once. Condoms have lubricants which will make them slide or on the other hand they will cause friction on themselves making them to break.

Consider using dental dam when having oral sex

Basically, dental dams are condoms or latex sheets which have been split to be in a square form. The purpose of using dental dams is to prevent fluids and blood from the genitals to end up in the mouth. For this reason, they can greatly prevent STIs when doing oral sex.

You should never use the same dental dam for oral sex in the anus and vagina. This may carry bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

Use a lubricant

When having sex, there is that friction which sometimes generates a sweet feeling but also can be the cause of an infection. Many times, this friction leads to the breaking of condoms or dental dams. To avoid this, it is better to use a lubricant when having sex. But before using it, read all the instructions to see if it is oil based. If it is, never use it while using latex condoms as it tends to break the condom. The preferred lubricant is that one which is water based, or silicon-based. Check outEve Escorts for more sex tips.…