I’m Cheating With London Escorts

Before I got married, I used to date this really sexy dream babe who worked for a London escorts service. She was one of the sexiest girls I had ever met, and we did spend a lot of time together. Since I got married to my wife 15 years ago, I have not seen her at all. That does not mean I don’t think about her. She was my very own special naughty girlfriend, and the fact she worked for a London escorts when she was not my girlfriend, did not bother me at all.

Recently she has started to drop in my mind and into my dreams in the guise of a girl from a London escorts service. My dreams are extremely vivid, and there are some nights when I even think that I can smell her in my dreams. Just like other London escorts, she used to wear a really expensive body lotion and I think that I can smell it in our bedrooms some nights. Just before I close my eyes, it seems to drift around the bedroom, and when I do close my eyes, my dreams start almost immediately. It is a little bit like I am cheating on my wife in my dreams.

Last night, I dreamed she was in bed with me. When we were dating, I often used to spend the night at her place. She used to come home from London escorts really late, and feel horny. I was asleep, and she had this thing about crawling in under the covers and sticking my dick in her mouth massaging my package as she was doing. After a while, her blonde hair used to peek out from underneath her cover, and she liked massaged my dick between her tits until I came. To say that this blonde London escorts babe was horny must be the understatement of the century.

She was bisexual, and it did not take me very long to realise that a lot of charlotte London escorts were bisexual. Sometimes, she used to bring one of her friends home with her. They used to hop into bed with me, and start playing with each other. When they were both really wet and soaking, I used to fuck both of them one at the time. Her friend had this thing about riding me really hard while I sucked her nipples.

Those were the days, and I do miss my two sexy friends from London escorts. I do have a great time with my wife, but it is not the same as having a good time with my two horny friends. When I dream of them, I worry that my wife is going to find out what I am dreaming about. She says that I have started to toss and turn when I sleep, and she thinks I am having nightmares. I would not call my dreams nightmares. It is a bit like my past is coming back to haunt me, but not in a bad sort of way if you know what I mean.

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