Safe Sex

Do we ever talk about safe sex at this adult site? We talk about safe sex all of the time at London escorts, but I am not sure that the rest of the UK population is so interested in safe sex. However, safe sex is more important than ever before. We travel a lot more, and mix with different people. The problem is that some strains of STDs are worse than others, and you are much more likely to pick them up abroad.

Why do we have super strains of STDs in the UK now? When I first started to work for London escorts, I had never heard about super strains of STDs. But in the last five years, they have become more and more common. I am not sure, but I do know that some of the gents I date at London escorts like to hook up with sexy girls in places Thailand. Super strains are much more common there, and I think that a lot of gents are poorly aware of that.It is not only young people who pick up super strains of STDs. Many of my senior London escorts dates seem to be poorly aware of super strains. Sometimes when you mention to them about protection, they simply don’t believe you. Mind you, this does not only apply to gents. It applies to ladies as well. I have met some senior ladies on London escorts who have not been aware of antibiotic resistant strains. When you stop and think about it, I am not sure what the solution is to all of this. It has been mentioned in the press but I think that we need to talk about it a lot more. I know that some London escorts have blogged about it, and I guess it is one of the many things that you can do. But on top of that, I think that we need to have some sort of general campaign GP’s do not seem to be so well prepared and I have not seen one leaflet about super strains of STD’s in my local GP practice. It is kind of scary.

Some of the daily newspapers in the UK have mentioned the super strains and actually covered the topic really well. Then only problem is that once the subject is out of the papers, most of us seem to forget about it pretty quickly. I am sure that some of the girls at London escorts forget about it as well, but at the same time, I do know that most of the girls are very careful when they pick up guys in places like bars and clubs. So, my top tip is always to use a condom, and if you are concerned about anything, learn how to say thank you but not thank you. It is always better to stay safe. In the future, safe sex is likely to become even more important. You never know what other super strains of new diseases are out there.

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